Farewell, Doomed Planet!

by Elizabeth Joan Kelly

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Sarah Schonert
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Sarah Schonert I love this album. So much texture and layers! Beautiful Favorite track: Trinity Quadrant Cantata.
wc_helmets thumbnail
wc_helmets A beautiful collection of industrial, ambient and composed work (freaking chorales!) that moves bleakness to hope to bleakness again. Favorite track: Trinity Quadrant Cantata.
Brobert thumbnail
Brobert An album like a surprise bag! I am thrilled. It was anything but a mistake to integrate her voice more into the music. And this loyalty to industrial sounds... Favorite track: Departure.


Farewell, Doomed Planet! is about the apocalypse. And Chernobyl wolves. Pollution. And space travel. Existential dread. And whales. 

In a not-so-distant future...

Pollution and atomic warfare have turned Earth into one big exclusion zone ruled by mutant Chernobyl wolves.

A small number of humans (and an even smaller number of rapidly evolving sea creatures) have escaped and set out to establish new societies in parts unknown. But what they find in deep space may be worse than what they left behind.

"At its best, as on “Feral At Night”, “Exclusion Zone Earth, (Or, All Hail Chernobyl Wolves)” and the closer “Beau Travail”, Farewell recalls William Basinski if his source material was “Personal Jesus” era Depeche Mode." – The Wire

"The found-sound samples –and there are tons, all cleared for fair use and most made by nature—are expertly layered along with Kelly’s own modulated vocals and waveform manipulations into one giant yawning chasm." – Offbeat Magazine

"This is the soundtrack to my dreams. Chaotic, beautiful, mysterious and sublime." - A Little Bit Of Sol


released October 25, 2019

All music and lyrics written, recorded, and produced by Elizabeth Joan Kelly in New Orleans, Louisiana*

Attribution for samples used at tinyurl.com/farewelldoomedplanet-metadata

*Trinity Quadrant Cantata uses J.S. Bach’s Ich ruf zu dir, Herr Jesu Christ, BWV 177


all rights reserved



Elizabeth Joan Kelly New Orleans, Louisiana

Post-apocalyptic junkyard drone pop.

Elizabeth Joan Kelly is a New Orleans-based electronic composer. She uses found sounds and MIDI to create lush soundscapes at the epicenter of synthpop, industrial, ambient, darkwave, and classical music.

More music at orcaattack.bandcamp.com
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Track Name: Harm
It wasn't a dream
The bright sun extinguished
Morning never came

Glaciers melted through our fingers
Cities submerged under oceans

We have done such harm
There's no way to salvage
This wandering star
We have done such harm

We have done such harm
We have done such harm
We have done such harm
We have done such harm
Track Name: Baleen Executioner
You hear the ice shelf breach and fragmentize
Do you lament misdeeds
Or did the vast expanse of stellar depths between our worlds
Decimate contrition for demolition

Baleen, they called us
Feared by multitudes
We ruled the deep
Until you denatured all that we exalt
Forsaking us for planets still unspoiled
Track Name: Departure
This world, new world
Won't be my home
Here the windstorms inferno filled
The sirocco whorl endlessly
The atmosphere tenebrous
Astral flares radiant empyrean
How can I know if it is our love, or creation that's ending
Track Name: Human Research Roadmap
Will my bones turn to dust
Can I still take my medicine
What if stones form in my kidneys
How will I know if I'm allergic to celestial dust
How can I get enough oxygen
Is our mission clear
Will the robots turn against us
And we haven't even talked about radiation

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